Sun Type Mixer for Wedlon Automation Co., Ltd.

Sun Type Mixer

Sun Type Mixer

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Sun Type Mixing Machine is major for blending rubber, plastic virgin material, recycle material, colorant and masterbatches..

Sun Type Mixing Machine, the blending barrel is cone shape, mixing raw materials by slowly rolling.

Sun Type Mixing Machine, maxing well by affixing interfering blade. 




  • Entire closed-chamber rotating mixing.
  • Large feeding inlet at upper, proper exhausting outlet at lower part.
  • Integrated polish inside and outside, smooth surface no leftover
  • Attaches the timer installment
  • Buyer's Label Offered
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • Branded Product


Specification Table 

Model MST-10 MST-25 MST-50 MST-100 MST-150 MST-200
Power 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 1 HP 2HP 2HP
Contents 10 kg 25 kg 50 kg 100 kg 150kg 200kg
R.P.M. 30 rpm 30 rpm 30 rpm 30 rpm 30rpm 30rpm
Machine Weight 80 kg 100 kg 120 kg 180 kg 190kg 210kg
Machine Size 580 x 710 x 900mm 700 x 750 x 1,200mm 820 x 950 x 1,450mm 1,200 x 1,100 x 1,650mm 1700 x1360 x1850mm 1900 x1450 x2010mm