Plastic Grinder for Wedlon Automation Co., Ltd.

Plastic Grinder

Plastic Grinder-Side-pressed Slow (Low Speed) Plastic Grinder-is major for granulating the various runners, sprues and defected products from plastic injection molding machine.

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The Plastic Crusher is major for crushing the various materials "plastic. rubber . wood. Chinese herb. Tea stem. paper. glass .feed . runner and Sprue etc."




  • On-the-spot grinding and recovery, space-saved.
  • Specially-designed,cutting blade makes even grinding no powder left, no filter required.
  • Compact motor, slow running speed low noise, and energy saving.
  • Easy maintenance, easy to clean, easy to move.
  • OEM/ODM Product
  • Branded Product
  • Buyer's Label Offered


Specification Table 

Model GS-200D GS-250D
Power 1 HP 2HP
Inlet Size 200 x 200 mm 250x250
Cuter Size 3 or 4 mm 4.5 or 5.5
R.P.M 30 rpm 30 rpm
Machine Weight 100 Kg 210Kg
Machine Size 520x350x1050mm 520x400x1050mm
Capacity 20 Kg/hr 25Kg/hr
Contents 25 Kg 25Kg